Dr Elena Veduta professor      
Head of the Strategic Planning and Economic Policy Department at MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. 
Being a successor to her father, NI Veduta, who introduced an effective system of intersectoral balance, she continues to develop the mechanism of economic management. 
As a leader in her field she has published many articles on the subject of how to get out of the current global economic crisis. 

"Experts of the international community are lack of knowledge in the field of strategic planning. And this feeds their belief in the inevitability of further capitalism. Today, the following is the period of financial stabilization (deflation). They are in the economy. This policy will further increase the disparity in the economy and, consequently, the crisis intensity. Provided that, under strategic planning. However, the strategic planning is a science-based calculation of national resources".

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The global crisis will be implemented. That is the purpose of the modern study of the national economic reproduction, which is the basis for the synchronization of the development of humanities.

NI Veduta Scientific Strategic Planning School strictly follows the true criterion of scientific knowledge, rejects all anti-scientific trends of economic thought leading to further escalation of the world financial crisis.

The lower the level of knowledge and responsibility in society, the higher the price will be paid. A truly civil society has to keep the level of culture achieved by the previous generation.

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Nikolay I. Veduta Scientific School of Strategic Planning realizes an academic program "Strategic planing and economic policy" at the faculty of public administration of Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

This education program uses clause new the interdisciplinary approach, the which synthesizing knowledges in the fields of cybernetics, economy, political and law sciences, as well as philosophy.

The students who choose the program "Strategic planing and economic policy" may elect next core courses:

  • Economic policy, political economy; Strategic planning.
  • Macroeconomic, microeconomics, theory of branch markets, marketing strategies.
  • History of economy, history of economic doctrines.
  • National accounting and budgeting.
  • Financial policy, monetary policy, financial risks, financial markets, corporate finance.
  • Higher mathematics, economic statistics, econometrics.
  • Economics of firms, information technologies in business - planning 
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